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10 months that I live at the pace of Morocco. To meet its inhabitants in very different cities and neighborhoods ...

In various cities of Morocco And during our interactions, I always had the same beginning of discussion: 

" You are on vacation ? "

"No, I live here for a few months. "

"Ah ... Are you a language teacher? You're working for the local call center? "

"No, I have an online business that allows me to work while traveling. "

After two weeks of well-deserved vacation, I propose today to share with you one of my discoveries of the moment: a conversion tunnel that I judge VERY effective, at the limit of the perfect! (Yes, I swear!)

And as I'm nice (yes, that's also true!), I propose to introduce you by making a critical analysis of it.

This will surely surprise you but this conversion tunnel is online on the site ... TIRES! Does not it tell you anything? And know that this is a tire sales site! (he deserved an optimized backlink!)

Now that I made you salivate, let's go to the presentation! TADAM!

The basket summary page

Let's start with the positives of this page:

1. On this page, the header and the footer have been removed to remove exit doors from the user. Instead, the TrustedShop logo has been added to remind (implicitly) the user that he is on a trusted site.

2. The "command" action button is present both above the waterline and on the second screen. Next to these two action buttons has been added the possibility for the user to return to the site continue shopping as a link (which makes it less visible than for an action button that would come into competition with the button "Order").

3. The part that reminds the contents of the user's basket is very well executed. The visual product is quality and the main information needed to reassure the customer one last time about the fact that he chose the right product are present: product name, quantity, unit price, total price but also the delivery time set in a color that makes it visible.

4. Two sentences of reassurance have also been added and prevent the user from asking questions that could distract him: - Choosing your garage to the next step ==> Do not panic Mr. Web user, you choose where to deliver your products! - More than 90% of orders arrive at their destination within the given deadlines ==> And yes, Mr Web user, we keep our delivery times!

5. As for each invoice, it is mandatory to make a full details of the amounts: subtotal, delivery charges and Total. This information usually takes up a lot of space because it is often put on top of another. The site TIRES uses very cleverly the available space due to these columns by adding at the same time commercial arguments (delivery costs offered, rights of retraction ...) and elements of reassurance (list of the means of payment proposed by the site) .

One point of improvement, the discount code
This order summary page could have been perfect if and only if there had not been a little quibble ... The space dedicated to the discount code!

Indeed, this space is far too visible! Highlighting the discount code is an additional way out for the user: "Hey, if I was looking for a discount code on the web".

It would be interesting to replace this space with a simple link "I have a discount code" which, at the click of the user, unfold a dedicated space.

Replacing this space with a simple link has the advantage of making it invisible to users who do not benefit from it, but the rest is visible to those who have one to spend.

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Your Inviter : Karim Tahiri